Whisky Cask

Your Personalised Whisky

Available for Private or Corporate

Your Own Limited Realease

with The Whisky Palate

Serve your personalized whisky release, raise the bar that separates your Business from those around you.

We have opportunities for all budgets. We would be happy to arrange a commitment free phone consultation with one of our cask experts.

You can:

  • Create your own limited release for your Business or private purchase. Celebrate a business milestone with Scotland’s finest liquid gold. From sampling the liquid, Label creation graphic design, all the way to the glassware our team will support your project to make sure you have the perfect final product.
  • Join one of our in-house cask bottling programs and get your hands on a few cases of limited released whisky at trade prices. Perfect drams for home office or private events. Customization available subject to availability and minimum order requirements


Get in touch with our friendly team to discuss further details. We’re looking forward to sharing one of our limited edition Drams with you.

Contact our team by email: info@whiskypalate.com

Create Your Whisky

Are you ready to create your very own personalized whisky, a true expression of your unique taste and preferences? Getting in touch with us is the first step toward crafting a whisky that reflects your individuality. Whether you have a specific flavor profile in mind, a special occasion to celebrate, or simply the desire to have a whisky with your name on it, we’re here to make your dream a reality. Contact us today to discuss the exciting possibilities of your personalized whisky project. Let’s collaborate to bring your vision to life and craft a spirit that’s truly one-of-a-kind